Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Water Park Madness

WOO! Okay, I was beginning to think that it was impossible to get sun burnt in Toronto but it was a filthy lie. I got sun burnt on like a small patch on my arm. It is like an egg shape??? Why?

Water park was alright but I am getting sick of stuff. I really just want a jobby and a flatty and a friendy so I can go out and do a dancey.... hmmmm. That was a creepy sentence.

I know y'all love peektures!

This is where I live. Well, for the next 2 months anyway.

The car we hired, its number plate has the word BEEF in it.

My brother looking cold at the water park.

Aw, aren't they a cute couple.

We are men and we must build!

My Dads a rockstar.

What moose?

Todays appalling weather. Not only did it hail, there was fork lightning. Good day to bring home furniture.

The lounge of emptiness. We really need a sofa. My back is sore from sitting on the floor.

Well, that is it! NO MORE! Maybe later. By the way, I am selling all the paintings that did not sell in the exhibition. So if you went and liked then flick me an email and I will hook you up. My old neighbor is kindly taking care of them for me.

Much Love!


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