Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pink Party

Hey Kids

Well as I am broken and can't go out so my boyfriend and my friend decided to come over and drink pink wine with me, eat pink lollies and wear pink! I am not really allowed to drink either so I got 2 bottle of pink wine with only 5% alcohol. I had 3 glasses and it went straight to my head haha. I ate lots of chips! I spent the rest of the day lying out in the sun! It was a nice day, tiring though. Haha I can't handle much.


Authoritaters said...

What's the brand/name of the pink wine? I'd like to try it some day for the Hell of it ^^

Jenna Karl said...

Its like Yellow Glen brand called Pink Jewel! Haha it has such a low percentage so you will need like 3 bottles!

Authoritaters said...

Sweet thank you!

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