Monday, March 23, 2009

Little Pus Bag!

Hey Kids

Well it finally happened! The lump of pus on my shoulder finally exploded this morning in the shower. It even made a cool popping sound. The best thing is this is the first time it hasn't filled back up again! YAY! Hopefully the new drugs are working and I will have no more pus lumps. Now all I need is a plastic surgeon to get rid of this scar and we are set hahaha.

My Mum makes the best Marshmellow short cake ever!!!! I am getting fat from sitting here being crippled and eating her delicious baking! OH NO! hahaha.


Authoritaters said...

hmmm, I'll think twice next time when I say pusspuss XD

Jenna Karl said...

HA! Holly shit what a fucken dumb ass. I got SSSSSS happy. Be cool if there were cats on my shoulder though...

Authoritaters said...

I just looked at your bunny badges, and they are just adorable! Ever considered selling them on line on Toggle? It's an NZ based internet shopping of art/craft/hand made stuff.

Jenna Karl said...

Hmmmm I will go have a look! Thanks! I am making a whole lots at the moe with belts!

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