Sunday, May 3, 2009



I think that everyone should type noises. It makes me feel like a rainbow.

I am sad and lonely does anyone want to eat pie?

I broke up with my boyfriend because I am a black jellybean. No one likes the black ones. That sounds racist, but only against jelly beans.

I think I am well hated among men and feared among small dogs. Anyway I think that I am going to go cry in a corner like a stupid girl.


Authoritaters said...

There there, I don't know you, but if it makes you feel any better I started an even more UN-politically friendly blog, and frankly that blog initiated from my negative feelings.

By the way, I LUUUUUUUURVE the filter you used on that little guy there, so pencilly yet so crusy at the same time, such a sad shade of cool aqua marine blue as well!

Jenna Karl said...

Haha that is just a google image :( i am not so clever

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