Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hey Kids

Well I updated every single page on my website because I am awesome! I was meant to do it a year ago but I got side tracked by coffee and chocolate cake. Anyway you kids should check it out. Also I am trying to paint a shark. They are hard to paint! Too many teeth! Anyway I will update soon. Painting is taking twice as long because of this damn COLLAR BONE!! Why wont it just be fixed! PEACE OUT!


Authoritaters said...

collar bone? did you fall off a horse or something? I are go checkie your webbie naw.

Authoritaters said...

my favie part of the webbie is the portfolio section where you arranged these bunnies. What software do you use to create your website? Also I love the title page for the portfolio as well! Very unusual, your face was all squashed in vertical goodness XD

Jenna Karl said...

I use square space to do my web page. It is soooo easy to use and doesn't cost much. I like it a lot.

Jenna Karl said...

No this guy broke it in a stupid drunken play fight of dooom! Well he did not break it, he smashed it to smithereens!!! Now I have a loverly metal plate and one less friend to worry about hahaha

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