Friday, March 27, 2009

A Clockwork Orange

Hey Kids

Well as my boredom and money increases I decided to go out and buy a whole lot of books to read. Anyway I just finished A Clockwork Orange which I thought was really awesome!! I had not ever watched the movie as I don't fancy the rape scenes and such but I decided to stop being a pussy and watch it last night. I was very disappointed! It does not capture any where near all the emotions that are in the book. The ending of the movie is really shit as well and really misses the point! Anyway I recommend the book. Once you get used to the language of the book it is a really good read.

I have just started to read high fidelity as I love the movie so I figure the book must be even better! So far it is awesome.

Went to the hospital on Thursday and they gave me more bad news. It seems that the plate in my arm is infected, hence the pus bubbles. Anyway now it is a race between the bone healing and the infection taking over. They need to bone to heal before the plate comes out but if the infection takes over before it heals then they might have to put a new plate in and start all over again. This is crap and it means I have to go to the hospital every week. At least I will get lots of reading done.

I have so much more movement in my arm thanks to the osteopath. I am hoping that with all the vitamins and bone care I am taking I will be painting again in no time! I have so many ideas I might combust! Hahaha.

It is such a nice day today that I am going to go outside and drink V, read my book and try and get some sun on my see through legs.

Have a good weekend!


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