Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friday the 13th

Well Kids Friday the 13th was truly a day of horrid bad luck for me. I got into a play fight and it ended badly with me being completely knocked out. The first thing I remember is sitting in this kitchen in incredible pain being scared to death and not knowing what the fuck was going on. The ambulance ride is a blur and the rest of that morning is such a haze.

Saturday the 14th Valentines day. After not sleeping I found out from the hospital that I had broken my collar bone, torn all the ligaments off my elbow and smacked my head so hard that my jaw would only just open. I had a huge lump on the side of my head along with cuts. No point left on my elbow as it was so swollen! A lump protruding from my shoulder. Ew. That day I went to the fracture clinic where they x-rayed me more and more and determined that my collar bone was so badly broken that they would need to operate. Not only did the bone break completely it smashed as well. It was so close to coming out of the skin that there was no way it would heal without surgery.

Sunday the 15th. After another restless night of horrid pain I went back to the fracture clinic. They told me then that they would have to put a metal plate on my collar bone with pins so that they could move it back into place. This they told me would make it heal in the right place. The down side of this is the operation would leave a 6inch scar across my shoulder. Because of where it is they would have to cut through nerves leaving a huge patch of my shoulder completely numb for life. Which sucks.

Monday the 16th. Surgery was canceled so I waited for hours without or eating. Then they told me to go home. They also prescribed me with some medication that we found out later that night stopped my bowls working. So once again I ended up in an ambulance screaming in pain as I thought my insides were going to burst! They gave me a laxative and new medication for the pain so now I can poop!.

Jeremy playing on the wheel chairs while we waited

One of many drips!

Tuesday the 17th. Finally, after hours of waiting surgery happened at 2pm. When I woke up Mum and Jeremy were there by my side to hold my hand. Surgery lasted 2 hours as they had to pull out bits of bone fragments from the surrounding tissue.

Before Surgery

After Surgery


Wednesday the 18th. PAIN! I had lots of visitors on this day so thanks for all your support. And kind gestures!

Thursday the 19th. Back home now. Still in pain but there is a long slow recovery ahead of me. Please if you get bored visit because I know I will be bored!! We can all stick magnets to my metal plate. It has to come out in 4-6months so more surgery.


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